Why I became a Crypto Anarchist and declared war against the financial system

I was never really a big fan of the cryptocurrency community. Not because I didn’t like the idea, but because I’ve always preferred “tangible” value. When I talk about “tangible”, I’m not talking about FIAT currencies like the dollar or the euro, but rather about something with “real value” like gold and silver. Something you can hold, something you know is available in limited amounts and can therefor considered valuable, because there is an ever increasing demand for it. I wanted something that could still be used to trade when our current society would finally face its inevitable collapse. The digitalization of money always scared me, as I was convinced this concept only gave more power to the people in control: They can turn the power off, or simply empty your digital wallet. You can’t buy or sell, you will be locked out of the system if they want you to be.

My opinion about powerful people being able to take control over digital money didn’t change. How I looked at value of currency did, however. That happened purely because of social media. The big social media websites are corrupted. A few people lead the major sites, and commercial and political powers influence websites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to such an extend, that certain dissident voices are completely silenced. Just because they don’t fit in the narrative they want. No longer are these sites acting like public  and therefor unbiased places, these websites became “publishers”, only allowing a specific set of opinions. And these so called “digital bubbles” where the thought police is in control are now considered part of life. With the masses successfully conditioned to accept this as a fact, there is no way back. Or is there?

Then I found the alternative communities, in particular, the blockchains. The first thing I saw online on the clearweb that gave power back to the normal people. Communities of blockchain users were actually deciding what happened. Community moderation, upvoting, I saw something real. And that is the moment I realized the power of blockchain technology being used for money as well. Because no longer would a few people be in control, in fact, the money would be completely owned by it’s users. Together they would decide the future of the specific cryptocurrency.

And that is when I changed my mind. Because what is the old FIAT money system based on? The money doesn’t really have any value, it is only given value because the users of the money believe it has this value. They trade their money for the things they need. And because the other person accepts it and considers the value “real”, it works. But the users don’t decide the value in this system. In fact, a currency like the United States dollar is controlled by the Federal Reserve. Money is printed endlessly, and constant inflation is the result. The United States dollar lost value pretty much every year since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913. So there is the answer. Why would this system be any more reliable than a cryptocurrency that is completely controlled by it’s users? It isn’t.

And we also need to look at cryptocurrency as a technology because that is exactly what it is. If we step back from the financial merry-go-round that is promoted by the media and all the casino players, we see something revolutionary taking place.

Cryptocurrency is actually a real technological advancement of one of the oldest analog and now corrupted systems in the world: money.

This is an enormous breakthrough because there is little in the world that is not touched by FIAT money. We are still resident in this system that determines many outcomes. Find anything substantial that doesn’t have this money tied to it somehow. It is the basis for most of our power struggles, technological advancement, and even what we think. Those with access to large sums of money are able to do incredible things, both good and bad.

While I still consider precious metals like gold and silver to have tangible value that is irreplaceable, a war for resources is happening at the same time. All over the world we see armies of the powerful marching to gather the resources and real estate in other countries. So there is no saying what the real value of resources like gold or silver are at this moment. As a final attempt to gather collateral to be able to borrow more FIAT currency from the international banking system, these powerful forces are raiding the planet as we speak. That makes it an impossible to see precious metals as a valid alternative right now.

And I think we are looking at the final twitches of a system that is about to collapse, where those who were in control of it are stomping their feet around in anger. Because what other option do they have? The only answer that I can think of to this inevitable collapse that will hurt us, the normal people, is that we setup our own communities now, before it is too late. And cryptocurrency offers us that opportunity.

I declared open war against the financial system. And I am not alone.

To me, anonymity adds a necessary value to the cryptocurrency market as well. As long as you keep it in the cryptocurrency community, and use it to trade with other owners, you are separate from the old system. A powerful thing, and the first sign of something that we could call “digital anarchy”. With these decentralized communities I believe we’ve got a real chance of allowing the right to self determination to flourish.

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