How the establishment creates and maintains controlled opposition – The Messiah Complex (Deep Dive)

Vladimir Lenin said it best: “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves”. Throughout history, many governments have employed the tactic of creating some form of controlled opposition. And when these movements are well funded and organized, they often look more legitimate than the actual opposition. From inspirational leader figures pulling you into a direction desired by the people in power, to agent provocateurs creating a violent fight meant to justify a tough response from the establishment. A number of different methods are utilized, even as we speak.

For example: If a person you respect is criticized by the main stream media, you should take the fact that they appeared in the main stream media in the first place as a red flag. If they truly were a threat to the establishment, their names and what they have to say (if they walk free) would not be covered in an establishment newspaper or website that could be viewed widely by the public. They would be censored, silenced, blacked out, like many of us on social media are.

How can one fight against leaders arising out of the masses to speak out against the plan in favor of freedom? The establishment understood that a good way to accomplish this, was to create the illusion that someone was already fighting the battle for freedom for them. Someone who supported the plan, yet spoke out against it. Someone who would gain the trust of the masses, then employ diversionary tactics, further leading them into tyranny.

These are the controlled opposition. They come in many different forms, and organizations, and claim to stand for various causes. Some fill pulpits, others occupy public offices, several are broadcasters. But they are deceivers, players of a manipulation process we call the “Hegelian Dialectic”. Controlled opposition is really just what it sounds like. It is a method of infiltrating, influencing, or misleading resistance and opposition by establishment agents or groups. These agents or groups are put in place to purposefully mislead, to lead in the wrong direction, or to entirely shirk leadership at critical moments, sabotaging any real progress.

Controlled opposition effectively confuses, hijacks and diffuses grassroots movements and independent action that would otherwise be effective. The agents used are often looked at as primary leaders for a cause, and this creates and reinforces passive dependence on them as figureheads. This dependence pacifies and neutralizes all the energy, movement and goals of the true resistance. Ideas and discourse are kept under tight control, while spontaneous or organic independent actions are always suppressed. It’s a follow the leader game, but these of course are no legitimate leaders at all. Controlled opposition ensures that people don’t organize or take independent action on their own, and it keeps an eye on the real dissenters or resisters. It’s important to know that people can be used as controlled opposition consciously (with their knowledge) or unconsciously (without their knowledge). Entire movements or activist “scenes” can be infiltrated by the controlled opposition.

The establishment does this to make sure they control dissent and the exposing of truth by scratching the surface. They appear and pretend to allow a public platform for alternative views but they will never get to the real roots of the situation or truly liberate people’s minds or lives. And yes, like mentioned before, the establishment will even pretend to attack this controlled opposition, but they will not take them down entirely. In fact, they will allow the controlled opposition to “talk back” to them by using the establishment platforms. You will see them appear in interviews, in newspapers, mentioned by celebrities or important figures, while the real opposition ends up in jail, is silenced or even murdered. At all cost the establishment will make the controlled opposition look like legitimate resistance as they together silence real dissenters.

We do not need a savior in the form of a politician, a businessman, a journalist, a doctor or any other “expert” to come and save us from the nightmare that our “leaders” have created for us. When we trust popular “heroes” to come and rescue us, yet fail to see all the puppet strings that might be attached to them, we risk being lured into a trap that the powers that shouldn’t be have set for us. And they will be laughing, because we fell into their trap, without even realizing it. They are the masters of manipulation and mind control. Always beware and don’t let your guard down.

People in positions of power know for centuries how important controlled opposition can be. If a movement rises in opposition to the establishment’s authority, they must usurp that movement’s leadership. If no such movement exists to infiltrate, the establishment will often create a toothless one, in order to fill the social need and neutralize individuals who might have otherwise taken action themselves.

During the 1960’s and 70’s, the FBI began a secretive program called Cointelpro. Along with the illegal spying on American citizens who were against the Vietnam conflict or in support of the civil rights movement, they also used agents and media sources to pose as supporters of the movement. They would then purposely create conflict and division, or took control of the direction of the movement altogether.

How to recognize modern day controlled opposition:

1. The person or organization is usually famous, a household name, and / or is covered on mainstream media, domestic or foreign. This is of course a dead giveaway. People who have real information, who do the real research and journalism, are suppressed, ostracized, mocked, isolated, and sometimes even murdered by the establishment. They do not rise to any sort of prominence within the public, especially with the assistance of mainstream media. They have to fight to get the truth out there amidst monstrous opposition. They are not provided with large public platforms or mainstream media play.

Controlled opposition agents are, and they are mostly portrayed as supposed “enemies of the state” to look legitimate to the ignorant public. Like I said before, if a person you respect is attacked or criticized by the main stream media, you should take the actual fact that they appeared in the main stream media in the first place as a huge red flag. It offers the agent a platform, and every marketeer knows that it’s about “name branding”, not about the question if the advertising is positive or negative. Especially if you pretend to be a dissenter, you will want the “main stream media” to talk bad about you.

Real whistleblowers are actually being stepped on, intimidated, shut up, or they are killed. They don’t appear on corporate or state sponsored media channels. (Unless, that is, if they are being used by the establishment as controlled opposition without knowing it themselves.) Within the pseudo alternative media, controlled opposition agents will often have relative fame, a relatively large public platform in the hundreds of thousands or low millions. But these individuals will often seem just a little too slick or too rehearsed to be real people. They may have an extreme and unnatural level of charisma, and this can draw people in. (The cult leader personality.) This type of charisma can easily be generated with mind control techniques, occult based machinations, or both.

These types of personality cults usually have five different characteristics: They try to attract specifically males or females, target the entire population and not just some sections, they employ mass media, and they make sure to control the (alternative) media and inhibit any “rival cults” or other types of thought. This type of cult also creates an ideal, or even god like image of someone. This is done with both media exposure and propaganda. From this, one can manipulate others based completely on the public personality that is presented to them. It often externally uses shallow (like the fearless warrior or sex symbol) images to create a heroic and idealized type of appearance.

This type of personality cult is often seen given very extravagant and exaggerated public demonstrations when it comes to leader praise. There are three conditions that are also usually there when you see this. And they are as follows: A combination of both patrimonialism along with clientelism, a systemic falsification of the culture itself, and lack of dissidence on the part of the people. Usually you do need to have these conditions in place for the controlled opposition cult to form.

This is the actual “Messiah Complex”, and while the leader figure obviously doesn’t believe in it, the followers do.

2. Limited hangouts: a controlled opposition agent or group will release “sensitive” insider information to the followers to make them believe that “someone is doing something; someone is on top of this.” This is a common technique by the establishment of “throwing people a bone.” Because the agent is releasing information that the powers that be would not generally want released to the public, information that makes the established order look bad, the controlled opposition agent gains legitimacy in the minds of the followers. The followers trust that this person is “one of them, on the good side, playing for the right team.” The information being released is often partial, outdated, diversionary, or of limited scope. If the information is legitimate, nothing effective is done with it. The controlled opposition agent or group does not direct people to take viable action based on this information.

Usually the limited hangouts only scratch the surface. They do not go to the real roots of the situation or call out the real people and organizations responsible. Limited hangouts are often used as a “look over there!” tactic to divert attention from other areas. Limited hangouts by controlled opposition agents have the effect of controlling dissenting discourse within the public. Followers hang on the controlled opposition agent’s every word, waiting to be told what to think or what to do, never doing their own research or coming up with their own thoughts, ideas, or actions. The discourse only goes so far as the controlled opposition agent allows it to go. One of the main reasons limited hangouts are being used so extensively right now is that the public has successfully uncovered so much of the truth. The people have uncovered things that can’t be swept back under the rug, and the power establishment must now try to take control of this information.

3. The controlled opposition agents will often have ties (past or present) to mainstream organizations, government agencies, or establishment groups. A controlled opposition agent is often a supposed dissenter who rejected some mainstream organization or industry in order to “tell people the truth.” And while true dissenters and whistleblowers do exist, they almost never gain large public platforms. The ultimate allegiance of a controlled opposition agent is with the establishment, and they may receive funding directly from related industries or organizations. If being an “establishment rebel” is a strong part of the person’s schtick, there is reason to be suspicious.

4. The controlled opposition agent creates and reinforces a strong Figurehead-Follower power dynamic. That is crucial. This is a hierarchical dynamic where the Figurehead sits at the top of a pyramid scheme of power with the followers gazing up in rapt devotion. This often takes the form of the “Wise Fatherly” archetype with the controlled opposition agent being looked to as the pinnacle of wisdom and the ultimate source of information. The Figurehead is seen as the most intelligent and most important individual in the pyramid scheme and certainly receives the most attention. Narcissistic tendencies can commonly be observed. The Figurehead must be deferred to at all times.

Dissenting information is generally censored and anyone considered a dissenter is cut out of the fold, because there is no room for any doubt. There is no climate of intellectual equality, even though lip service may be paid to create the appearance that there is debate. People often want to get closer to the Figurehead, moving up on the steps of the pyramid scheme, in to the inner circle. Once in the inner circle, people will defend and protect the position of the Figurehead to maintain their own influence and power. The energy, ideas, intellect, talents, and efforts of the followers, those on the lower rungs of the pyramid, are usually funneled to the top and often folded into the Figurehead’s own work. In this way, the followers are used to prop up or bolster the position and status of the Figurehead. This is energetic theft, and it’s really the only way the bloated public platform used by the Figurehead can be maintained over time.

5. The Figurehead controlled opposition agent has extreme influence on the thoughts, ideas, and speech of the followers to the point it reaches a form of mind control. This takes hundreds of thousands or millions of followers parroting the Figurehead’s exact ideas and catch phrases. (Hatefully referring to the public as “sheeple” is one that springs immediately to mind.) This phenomenon can be easily picked up on by those objectively viewing the dynamics from the outside, and it is another dead giveaway.

Free thinkers never just parrot the same catch phrases, idioms, or ideas at the same time as hundreds of thousands or millions of others. Independent researchers and thinkers usually do not obsessively focus on the pet subjects or ideas of the Figurehead to the exclusion of other, more important matters. The common denominator when seeing these types of dynamics will be exposure to one particular Figurehead.

“The most unpardonable sin in society is independence of thought.”
Emma Goldman

6. The Figurehead controlled opposition agent stirs anger, rage, frustration, confusion, or despair in followers with no healthy outlets for any of those feelings. Anger and rage will often be directed toward certain groups of people as the cause of the ills. These groups may be gender based, race based, or politics based but can also be the public at large (“the sheeple”). Massive amounts of time and energy are directed toward particularly divisive topics as well as to matters of secondary importance, avoiding the real, core issues and the real individuals, organizations, and entities responsible for the harm being caused. The Figurehead can also stir confusion and a sense of futility or helplessness in the followers, ensuring that followers do not take independent action (“there’s nothing we can do about it, anyway”) and that they will continue to look to the Figurehead for instruction on what to think or what to do.

7. Dependence on the leadership of the Figurehead is always encouraged, even if not expressly. The Figurehead will claim to be under attack by the establishment. Anyone doubting the leadership or the words of the Figurehead will be denominated as shills, trolls, or simple establishment employees. Criticizing the new “Messiah” can’t happen, as the controlled opposition will make it seem like the entire world will end if this particular Figurehead is stopped. The Fear Appeal as I discussed in a previous article, is used effectively by the establishment, but also by the opposition it controls.

These are some of the characteristics of people and groups that function as controlled opposition. Perhaps you can use these points to help you recognize them. But the main advice I can give you is: Do not look for anyone else to tell you what to think or what to do. Always look for the direct actions you can take in your own life, including freeing your mind from the manipulative influence of controlled opposition. Empower yourself and the people around you, those you know you can trust.

There are no “faces of resistance”, you are the resistance. What the establishment fears most is people who educate themselves and act on it. Even the smallest candle will brighten a dark room.

“If you took the most ardent revolutionary, vested him in absolute power, within a year he would be worse than the Tsar himself.”
– Mikhail Bakunin